“The Dark Truth” Picking up Steam

My debut novel, “The Dark Truth,” was sent to the formatter on or about Sept. 17, and a few days ago, my publisher, Trifecta Publishing House, passed along a rough of the first page. I was given a choice of chapter “art,” and I am very happy with the graphic I selected, and I think you will be too. It’s different, but fits with the dark theme of the book.

The custom chapter headings and art are a nice touch that add a nice touch of uniqueness to the volume. My copy of “Dracula,” given to me by my late mother, features some fabulous art that makes the book all the more special.

Everything is on track for the Oct. 25 pre-sale and the Nov. 20 release, and frankly, I can’t wait. Other recent releases from Trifecta are doing quite well on Amazon, and I am looking forward to contributing to that success while making a name for myself as a new horror author.

“The Dark Truth” and its characters have become near and dear to me, and I hope you feel the same when you have the opportunity to read it.

And, no, you don’t get a sneak peek.

“The Dark Truth” Picking up Steam