In the Grand Scheme of Things

22237098_10212510335852055_114300165_nWhen I set out to write “The Dark Truth,” I wasn’t really sure where the story would take me. It became apparent very quickly that there would at least be a sequel. Early on in the writing process for that sequel, an idea came to me for a sidebar story. By the time “The Dark Truth” was finished, edited and picked up for publication, the premise for the fourth book, the third story in the original arc, hit me like a ton of bricks while I was getting dressed for work one morning.

Now, all of these things need names. “The Dark Truth” had a working title of “Shadows and Dust” when I first put pixels to screen. I knew that wouldn’t do, and fortuitous circumstances delivered “The Dark Truth.” I settled on “The Dark Descent” as the title for the sequel relatively quick, and my youngest recently came up with “The Dark Terror” for the third. I haven’t quite gotten there for title for the the fourth but I have a few ideas (how much do you want to bet it will have “Dark” in it?). Unfortunately, “Dark Chocolate” was ruled out.

After informing my publisher, Trifecta Publishing House, of the grand plan, the esteemed trio, the triumvirate, the “trifecta” as it were, expressed the need to name the series. After kicking it around for a bit, and noodling the top choices, “The Dark Passage Series” was chosen.

So, now, “The Dark Truth” is Book One – The Dark Passage Series, Book Two will be “The Dark Descent.” As for the order of Books Three and Four, I am unsure. I’m sure it’ll come to me. “The Dark Descent” is due out in April 2018. I won’t get into details because some some details still need to be worked out.

I should be able to unveil the print ready cover art very soon. As a reminder, the pre-sale starts Oct. 25, and the book is slated to drop Nov. 20. Excerpts are now available on Trifecta’s web site.

I guess I better get to writing.

In the Grand Scheme of Things