The Dark Truth is an Amazon Bestseller

The Dark Truth, my debut novel, officially released today, and the Amazon Kindle version hit as high as No. 63 on the Amazon bestseller list for vampire books, regardless of format. It sits at No. 82 as I write this. Thank you to everyone who has helped make me an Amazon bestseller on DAY 1!

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Also got my first customer review on Amazon:

“Jerry Knaak has created a crossroads of good vs evil with all the mystery and suspense that surrounds vampire thrillers. The pages fly by as the author introduces Elizabeth, a newly-fashioned vampire as the good, and her creator, Andrei, who has been around for ages and has seen many, many victims, as the evil. Elizabeth and Andrei play a delicious game of cat and mouse throughout the entire novel. The push and pull of Elizabeth’s conscience is entertaining. A vampire must feed, yet, Elizabeth has a conscience and won’t prey on just anyone. All the while, Detective Sergeant Jonas Dietrich, is closing in on both of them with his old school detective style…the author left me wanting more!”

The Dark Truth is an Amazon Bestseller

The Dark Truth Released!

TheDarkTruth6_850Today is release day for my debut novel, The Dark Truth! This dark, gritty vampire tale set in modern-day San Francisco took approximately 21 months to bring to market.

I started writing in earnest in January 2016, wrote “The End” in February 2017, landed a publishing contract in March, and here we are. This is Book One of The Dark Passage Series, the next two are under contract, with The Dark Descent due out in April 2018, and The Dark Terror set for early 2019. Trifecta Publishing House is my publisher, Ingram is the distributor.

The Dark Truth is available in trade paperback, Kindle and e-book.

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The Dark Truth Released!