Official Release Date for The Dark Descent


The sequel to The Dark Truth, The Dark Descent, is set for worldwide release on Monday April 23. This is Book Two in The Dark Passage Series. The Dark Descent, from Trifecta Publishing House, will be available in trade paperback and e-book. Pre-sale information will be announced when as soon as it’s available.

Amazon bestseller The Dark Truth is currently available in trade paperback and e-book. Head over to the “Where to Buy” page and find out how to purchase.

From the back cover of The Dark Descent:

A New Beginning

Elizabeth Rubis, ex-San Francisco public relations professional turned impulse-control-challenged vampire, may have escaped her rocky prison in an abandoned coal mine, but trouble keeps following her bloody trail. The unapologetic Elizabeth better get her act together and fast.

A New Ally, A New Enemy

Finding a surprising ally in San Francisco police detective  Jonas Dietrich, even as she continues stumbling through her transformation, is comforting but a new enemy has emerged Рan actual church-trained vampire hunter.

A True Demon

As Elizabeth discovers new supernatural powers along the way, she continues to evolve into a true demon of the night.

Official Release Date for The Dark Descent