The First Trailer for The Dark Passage Series

I have discovered the ease and joy of iMovie. Over the years I have become a decent videographer and editor but I was at a loss when it came to piecing together a trailer for my first two novels. Well, fret no more. Thanks to some help from my son the aspiring film maker, here is the first trailer for the first two books in The Dark Passage SeriesThe Dark Truth and The Dark Descent.

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The First Trailer for The Dark Passage Series

Sale Prices for The Dark Passage Series


Time to take the Kindle out and read poolside! Get the first two books in The Dark Passage series for just $5 and get your summer reading started.

The paperbacks are also on sale on Amazon. You can get both The Dark Truth and The Dark Descent for just over $20.

If you prefer a Barnes & Noble Nook – you can get both books for $5. Or you can get the paperbacks through Barnes & Noble as well for just over $20.

Are e-books your thing? You can get both novels for just $5 through your favorite e-book store including iTunes.


Sale Prices for The Dark Passage Series

Book Signing in Folsom


I’m going to resist the shameless Johnny Cash references for this one. I’ll be in Folsom this weekend for my first signing at this particular location and I am excited about it. It’s always fun to go somewhere you really haven’t been and meet new people.

So, come out to the Folsom Barnes & Noble this Saturday at 2:00 p.m. and get a signed copy of my new book, The Dark Descent. Copies of The Dark Truth will also be available if you haven’t read that yet. Order ahead of time and bring them with you to get them signed!

Saturday, May 12
2:00 p.m.
Barnes & Noble
280 Palladio Parkway Building 913
Folsom, CA 95630

Can’t make it out to this one? I have two other signings on the calendar. Head over to the Upcoming Events page to find out when and where.

Book Signing in Folsom

Book Tour Part Deux

I’ll be back at the Modesto Barnes & Noble on Saturday, June 2 at Noon.

The book tour in support of my second novel, The Dark Descent, is really starting to heat up. I currently have four events confirmed, with another big announcement for a fifth coming very soon. My weekends this spring and summer are going to be very busy.

This Saturday, I’ll be at the Bay Street Barnes & Noble location in Emeryville along with fellow authors K.M. Riley and Mike Esola. Riley, a published author,  is a Trifecta Publishing House labelmate and was recent guest on my podcast. Esola has written several novels. We’ll be taking part in a panel discussion on fiction writing, publishing and the creative process. The event starts at 2:00 p.m.

On Saturday, May 12, I’ll be at the Folsom, Calif., Barnes & Noble location. I’ve never been to this store and I have only driven through Folsom so this will be a new experience for me. That event starts at 2:00 p.m. also.

The next two just locked in and they are return engagements with Barnes & Noble stores where I had two of my first signings. I really do appreciate their support.

On Saturday, May 26, I’ll be back at the Arden Fair Barnes & Noble in Sacramento, the site of my first-ever book signing event. That event begins at 11:00 a.m.

And, on Saturday, June 2, the Modesto Barnes & Noble beckons once more. That signing starts at Noon.

The Dark Descent is the sequel to my debut novel, The Dark Truth, which dropped last November. I am in work on the third in The Dark Passage Series, The Dark Terror. Head over to the Books page to learn more about the title.

Check out the Upcoming Events page for more details and visit the Where to Buy page to find out how to order copies of my books.

Book Tour Part Deux

Happy Publish Day to Me!

30762688_1745305595515791_1603431623695532032_oToday is the official release date for The Dark Descent, the sequel to my debut novel, The Dark Truth. It is a dark, twisted tale of bloody supernatural murder.

If you liked the first, do yourself a favor and grab the second book.” Amazon customer review

The first review is in:


“Descent doesn’t disappoint; it’s a rousing, easy read without a boring moment in it. Elizabeth has continued to grow into herself, if you will, with a host of exciting new abilities that add a bit more action to the story. It’s still fairly true to vampire lore while also being entertaining. The author’s flushed out some more characters, entangling them alongside Elizabeth’s fate, further complicating the threads she’s weaved. All for the better of course. Plus, the story’s revealed a hidden world they’re a part of, and admittedly what I had been curious about. Wouldn’t you know, these tales aren’t just a fantasy. Without giving too much away, I’m curious as to the story arc of how this will all end, and I look forward to the next in the series. If you liked the first, do yourself a favor and grab the second book.”

From the back cover:

A New Beginning

Elizabeth Rubis, ex-San Francisco public relations professional turned impulse-control-challenged vampire, may have escaped her rocky prison in an abandoned coal mine, but trouble keeps following her bloody trail. The unapologetic Elizabeth better get her act together and fast.

A New Ally, A New Enemy

Finding a surprising ally in San Francisco police detective Jonas Dietrich, even as she continues stumbling through her transformation, is comforting but a new enemy has emerged – an actual church-trained vampire hunter.

A True Demon

As Elizabeth discovers new supernatural powers along the way, she continues to evolve into a true demon of the night.

Click here to find out how to order! And don’t forget to post selfies of you with the book, use #TheDarkDescent!

Happy Publish Day to Me!

Author Copies Have Arrived!

My author copies of The Dark Descent arrived today! The book drops for sale worldwide Monday.

Head over to the Where to Buy Page to find out how to order your copy.

As soon as you get it, take to social media and post a selfie with you and the book, use #TheDarkDescent.

I am over the moon. I don’t think this will ever get old. Thank you for your support everyone.

Author Copies Have Arrived!

Order The Dark Descent Now!

TheDarkDescent2_850Book Two – The Dark Passage Series, The Dark Descent, is now available for pre-order in the Amazon Kindle and select e-book formats for just $2.99, and in trade paperback from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Monday is the official release day!

Barnes & Noble Trade Paperback

Barnes & Noble Nook

Amazon Trade Paperback

Amazon Kindle


Book One – The Dark Passage Series, The Dark Truth, is currently available in all formats.

Check out the “Where to Buy” page for more information.

Order The Dark Descent Now!