TheDarkDescent2_850The Dark Descent

The Dark Descent, the sequel to The Dark Truth, is now available!

Available for to order for Amazon Kindle now – just $2.99!

It is also available for order in select e-book formats.

Click here to find out how to order the paperback edition!

From the back cover of The Dark Descent:

A New Beginning

Elizabeth Rubis, ex-San Francisco public relations professional turned impulse-control-challenged vampire, may have escaped her rocky prison in an abandoned coal mine, but trouble keeps following her bloody trail. The unapologetic Elizabeth better get her act together and fast.

A New Ally, A New Enemy

Finding a surprising ally in San Francisco police detective  Jonas Dietrich, even as she continues stumbling through her transformation, is comforting but a new enemy has emerged – an actual church-trained Vampire hunter.

A True Demon

As Elizabeth discovers new supernatural powers along the way, she continues to evolve into a true demon of the night.

Order The Dark Truth today (see below) and get ready for The Dark Descent, which is due out April 23. It is available for pre-order on Amazon Kindle now. More information about e-book and trade paperback coming very soon.

TheDarkTruth6_850The Dark Truth

The Dark Truth, from Trifecta Publishing Houseis my debut novel.

It was a finalist for the International Vampire Film and Arts Festival 2018 Golden Stake Literary Award.

It is currently available in trade paperback, Kindle and e-book (see below).

At least two more stories are coming in The Dark Passage Series.

From the back cover of The Dark Truth:

“I was a predator. And I was going to own it.”

A Night Out

San Francisco PR pro Elizabeth Rubis reluctantly agrees to a night out on the town. Little does she know that her life will be altered forever as childhood night terrors come to life.

A Face in the Window

Elizabeth’s deepest, darkest fears crawl out of the inky blackness as her lifelong tormentor is revealed during a rare Northern California thunderstorm. A hallucination in the raindrops proves to be an evil, yet familiar entity.

A Baptism in Blood

Fueled by hatred for her tormentor, Elizabeth cuts a bloody swath across the San Francisco Bay Area in a desperate quest for revenge. No one is safe from her rage, not even her friends and family.

Where to get The Dark Truth:

Amazon Trade Paperback
Amazon Kindle

Barnes & Noble Trade Paperback
Barnes & Noble Nook

Smashwords e-book 

Kobo e-book

iTunes e-book

Strand Book Store – New York

The Last Bookstore – Los Angeles

Green Apple Books

East Bay Booksellers

Kepler’s Books

Alexander Book Co.

BAM! Books•aMillion

Powell’s City of Books – Portland

Booktopia – Australia


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