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TheDarkTruth6_850My debut novel, The Dark Truth, is currently available. Here are all of the online retailers where you can order your trade paperback or e-book/Kindle version.

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Early feedback from bestselling author Neil Low:

“Knaak cracks the verbal whip with new vampire Elizabeth…The fast-paced action and dialogue sparkle” – Neil Low

“Author Jerry Knaak cracks the verbal whip with new vampire Elizabeth ‘Don’t call me Beth’ Rubis, as she desperately seeks to track down her narcissistic mentor, who is hiding and preying on others on the mean streets of San Francisco. The fast-paced action and dialogue sparkle as Elizabeth is forced to discover THE DARK TRUTH of what she has become and what might be hidden inside her. Her frantic quest to find out what she is capable of is both helped and complicated by contradictory cravings and a shaken sense of what is now right or wrong for her. To help and hinder her search, she is torn between new and old loyalties, extraordinary sensual powers, superhuman strength, ruthlessness, cunning, and wicked cravings that can both horrify and appease her temporary needs as she seeks her own answers.”

Low is a bestselling author of noir style crime thrillers.